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What is the DApp Marketplace?

An Introduction to the Akoin Ecosystem

March 01, 20193 minute read

To overcome the confusion inherent to today’s disconnected paradigm, entrepreneurs require a single point of direct access — a one-stop-shop where applications can be created, utilized, and shared by thoroughly interconnected users.

Welcome to the DApp Marketplace

Blockchain is a powerful tool. It can track almost any type of digital data with unparalleled security and precision. However, blockchain can’t reach its full potential when forced to interact with large, aged systems which run primarily on standard databases. On the new Dapp Marketplace, the transparency of blockchain will be the new standard.

For example, educational applications will be able to create comprehensive profiles of individual users, analyzing strengths and weaknesses on which they can improve. That data could be viewed, with permission, by entrepreneurs who seek to create symbiotic teams with matching skillsets for the best possible results on any project. With individuals fully aware of their strengths, all industries will thrive.

Financial applications will empower people who previously had no access to banking with the most advanced mobile based financial services and lean banking system of all time, designed to suit their needs. Their accounts will be instantly verifiable with no lag time for money transfers of any amount. With our patent-pending Atomic Swap technology users will be able to trade in and out of cryptocurrencies, prepaid cell phone minutes, and fiat currencies in an instant. Users will be able to leverage their growing financial footprint to become micro-lenders creating further earning and credit possibilities for business growth. Through this new system, individuals and start-ups will be able to apply for loans crucial to their professional development. Further, those with no credit history can start building their credit through the same services. Some applications will literally save lives. By creating readily accessible ledgers of healthcare data across all health networks, physicians will have easy access to critical information to ensure proper treatment of patients. This secure data tracking will greatly reduce misused or mixed up medications, improper diagnoses, and treatment wait-time when it’s most crucial. Patients will be more successfully treated — and they’ll make money off it. By reporting their (anonymous) healthcare data to global companies for analysis, patients can be rewarded for assisting in developing better healthcare solutions, which they’ll then benefit from again!

As the DApp marketplace scales and usage of the Akoin token as a medium of exchange increases, blockchain will become exponentially more beneficial. With the wide variety of products and services we aim to facilitate, we will collect a comprehensive pool of data on the users of our ecosystem — without fear of bad actors compromising the data itself. With customer data being protected and analyzed under the umbrella of the Akoin Ecosystem, we’re going to see the most complete digital picture of a society that has been developed. Beautifully detailed maps of areas where Akoin is present will portray resource usage (food, water, electricity) to reduce waste, display societal trends to predict local developments, and help users identify ways to improve their communities.

Our Akoin Foundation will be rolling out innovative programs to benefit and build up entrepreneurs. On the Akoin platform, we’ll be able to reward users for meeting educational, business, and social goals towards ultimately benefitting the larger Akoin economy. Success is a lot more natural when you’re commended and rewarded for taking action, and everyone within the ecosystem has their incentives aligned.

If an entrepreneur can dream it up, there can be an application for it on the DApp marketplace. If there isn't, it might spell opportunity for the entrepreneur who identifies it.

Our first DApp partner is BitMinutes, but stay tuned over the coming weeks to learn more about some of the other exciting new DApp partners we’ve already brought on board.



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